Monday, 25 July 2022

Taking and Breaking the Heat

Busy busy busy - I've got a single week off in August, but otherwise, there's lots of cool recordings happening at the minute! Mostly sessions for various announced and un-announced projects, but also lots of work on Nothing Wheel, the upcoming Diane Galen solo album! It's some of the most statistically dense material I could come up with, so I'm very excited to finish it off and release it! I was aiming for Scott Walker meets Virgil Donati, and I can't wait to see how close I can get it! That'll probably take another year or so to finish off, so no launch date in site yet, but there are odd clips here and there on my social media. Somehow, I managed to survive the crazy heatwave in my studio with nothing but a desk fan - which I had to turn off while I was tracking drums for Eowa, a local death metal band. I've always been a death metal fan, but I don't tend to play it much. It's definitely not the kind of music to play in an enclosed studio during a heatwave! I'm looking forward to hearing that once the full band mix comes back! Speaking of full band mixes, the Great Manta record has gone gold, so we're hoping to get that out circa late 2022, likely with a couple more gigs in tow! Prefers and Chasmhead are still working on material - all slow but sure progress. As always, I have relatively few slots open at the minute - a few lessons will probably shift around circa September as the new term starts, but anyone interested in tuition should message ASAP, since my waiting list is building up again! As for studio sessions and transcription, I've got a lot more time available in the mornings - since if I'm not sleeping in, I'm otherwise just working on the Nothing Wheel album!

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