Friday, 25 February 2022

Prefers to Sleep on the Train

 FINALLY "Boundless Eternity, Hereafter Torment" by Prefers to Hide in the Dark is nearly out: the album comes out on March 11th, and in the mean time, the first of two singles, Torn, is live on Youtube, bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and so on! It's a pretty cool progressive rock album, which I had a lot of fun playing both drums and keys on - I'm already looking forward to the next album! Besides doing "proper" music stuff, I also spend a lot of time mucking around with visual assets - I did a couple of teaser and visualiser-type videos for it, and I also made this spiffy little gif from the album cover!


Besides that, I've also been pretty busy with Prefers working on some other video content that I think you'll enjoy - there's a band cover of Voices by Dream Theater that I played drums on and have been working on the edit for that should come out pretty soon. The drum part is on my Performance page, but the full video will hopefully be out in a month or so, and fingers crossed there'll be more where that came from!

I'd like to spend more time drumming, but since leaving Pirate, I've been pretty crazily exhausted - keeping things running through the pandemic has messed me up something awful, so I'll hopefully get back to doing more peformance work soon, but in the mean time, pretty much all of my work has been at my desk - transcribing, part writing, and so on. Also included in that is the website overhaul that hopefully means everything looks and feels a bit better, especially on mobiles and tablets!

My 4pm-8pm slots for teaching are TOTALLY full up at the minute, as is my entire Sunday - I've got a bit of daytime availability, but I've got a lot of interested students who are getting dumped onto a waiting list until my availability suits their 9-5 job - but for anyone who has their daytime free, I've still got space! That also includes GMT+ timezones - it's been tricky scheduling in my students in North/ South America because the GMT- timezones push late into my evening, but I've got a couple of students in Europe that can get away with their evening but my daytime, so you lose some, but also win some! As always, drop me a message on my Contact page if you're interested, and we can figure something out!

For some reason, this was on my paste clipboard - I think it kind of sums up everything right now. Roll on Summer!

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