Thursday, 27 September 2018

Winter Plans

It's been a fair while since the last update: half a dozen gigs, multiple recording sessions with multiple bands for three upcoming albums, plus the writing for said albums, plus the associated rehearsal time plus preparations for the last year of my music degree plus all the usual teaching work - and that's not including the projects I'm running and skills I'm trying to work on in my time off...!

Besides sleeping around 30 seconds a night to fit all of that in, I've also moved my office into a slightly larger space! This has made my life a lot less stressful, having to haul gear every which way across Nottingham.

Witness the spaciousness of this fully armed and operational battle station
I've also been teaching students internationally, recently - although calling it Skype lessons sounds a little less exciting.  If any readers, near or far, are interested in Skype lessons, either contact me, or have a look at the Tutoring page for a little more information!

I'm hoping that by the time I update next, I'll have some exiting new recordings to announce officially, but to keep you busy in the mean time, here's a full concert video of Shadow of Acolyte we released fairly recently. Enjoy!