Thursday, 11 June 2020

Through a Door Upwards

It feels like I'm starting to arbitrarily begin these posts with a lament about how overdue it is - anyone who tries to keep up with me by email knows what a bad habit I have!

I've contacted all of my current students already, but for anyone who doesn't know yet, this COVID business hasn't meshed with self-employment very well, and so I'm jumping in as a game development gun for hire within the broader Nottingham community! I've been cutting my teeth as an audio over the last 2 years with several projects, most notably with Inspiratio Studio for the last 18 months, but I'm interested in reapplying some of these skills in a larger team. I spent the month of May building a small playable demo I'll hopefully release soon once I've fixed a few minor bugs, but there's a video below!

Playable CV Video

I'm still teaching, but it's moving over to my secondary income stream - my biggest priority is keeping the lights on, and I feel that the best way to secure that in the long run is to admit that life has changed quite dramatically in the short term! I'm not sure quite how it'll all integrate together, but I appreciate you all persevering with me in the mean time - I think we're all struggling with the pervading uncertainty!

The studio (Degan Studios? I should probably christen it with it's own name at some point) is certainly staying open, and slowly getting closer to looking "finished"! It's certainly a space I feel very comfortable and at home in, so as it approaches it's 6-month-iversary, here's to 6 more, hopefully slightly less turbulent months!