Tuesday, 5 December 2017

December Update - Music For Sleep on the way...

Been very busy juggling work at the minute, and trying plenty of new things in various departments - teaching my first few students internationally is very exciting, but performing live with a sample-pad may have to go back to the drawing-board... Likewise, performing in a cave was a very exciting first, but live-mixing on just a laptop, maybe not... Live and learn!

I've had to jump ship from some projects recently, but got plenty more on the cusp of fruition: most immediately, I am very excited to release my second solo album, "Music for Sleep", which is my seventh solo project, or fifth public release! Currently slated for March-time, assuming all goes well - most of the instrumental writing is finished, and I'm currently in the process of laying down the vocals on the album. It's currently looking like it may be harder-edged and more oblique than Without Pictures I Understand, but I'm very happy with the material as it stands.