Sunday, 4 February 2018

Radio Eroticism, Music for Sleep, and moving onwards...

I've finally gotten around to uploading Radio Eroticism to online stores - the project is doomy, ambient drone music and soundscaping, with a lot of noise and distortion. It was mainly for fun and psychtherapy, rather than a "serious" release - but it seemed like it'd be interesting to put it out there anyway. There are two releases, Beautiful Casino Foundry, recorded during Summer 2017, and the more recent Tumerous Cloak of My Beloved.

Music for Sleep is well on the way to completion, but a concrete release date is still to be confirmed; either early March, or else late April, at worst.

I've had to leave Scriptures because of schedule clashes - between rehearsals, gigging and teaching, I was finding very little time for sleep! They're on the cusp of announcing my replacement at time of writing, but are continuing business-as-usual.