Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Abysm di Ghonstov, Karateka Wife Lieder

 Suffice it to say that there have been some structural changes going on at Degan Galen Music! I'm pretty sure all my students know everything now, which means it's back to work as normal, but it's certainly an exciting time - and it's nice to say that in a genuine rather than sarcastic way, given how wild the last year has been!

I've got a couple extra qualifications to add to the CV this month (or rather, next month when the results come back), and a whole host of new projects on the go. The Radio Eroticism - Karateka Wife album and book are now out! The first chapter of the book, "Astepocles' Harness", is available for free, and the rest of the 84-page e-book is for sale at £3.99 - you can contact me for a copy.

I'm singing for a new progressive rock project, Chasmhead, which is an international collaboration with Mucous Lavender - the material is very exciting, and I'm looking forward to releasing more information about that soon! Weirdly enough I'm also collaborating with Mucous on a totally different album as drums for Prefers to Hide in the Dark, which is more of the same but in a slightly more Tool/ Radiohead direction - and with a much better singer. The music is very exciting, and I expect that to be coming out some time later this year.

I'm still teaching a lot, but I've been working for Pirate Studios over the last year, keeping their local Nottingham studio ticking over - it's a very different challenge to keeping my own studio running, but luckily they've just got me in charge of keeping the gear together, after I found the hardest and least efficient methods possible to botch-carpentry my own studio together!

It's a very exciting time to be working - I've got a lot of projects about to conclude in the next year, and I'm finally in a position where I'm not hanging on by the fingernails to keep the studio working! I don't expect to start getting more than 60 seconds of sleep a night again any time soon, but in the mean time, if you're looking for tuition, composition, or transcription, drop me a message on the contact page, because I've always got time for one more thing!

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