Sunday, 11 April 2021

Back in Black (in person)

 I'm very happy to announce that as of tomorrow, I'll be back to in-person teaching! All of the usual restrictions apply - we'll be keeping social distance, any visitors must wear a mask, and where possible, students/ parents should avoid bringing more than one person to accompany, and I'll be disinfecting everything as before. I've had my first vaccination, but as I understand it, vaccinated people are still consisdered a transmission risk, and so I won't be running any kind of "vaccine passport" scheme, just in case anything could slip through and pose a risk to anyone. As always, if in any doubt, I'm still offering remote teaching as usual - and a lot of my students seem to quite like the convenience of remote teaching, so that won't be changing at all; and I'm picking up a few bits and pieces to make remote drum lessons a little easier moving forward. Better late than never!

Hopefully, once all adults are vaccinated by the end of July, things will cool down a little bit - it's certainly never been a tricker or more interesting time to be a working musician...! That being said, a couple of students have asked me about my prices, and so to confirm, I will not be raising my prices above the current £13/30m rate for the forseeable future. "Forseeable" isn't all that reliable a measurement at the minute, so I can at least confirm that prices will stay the same throughout 2021!

I've got a couple of quick extra qualifications coming up in May - while I had some spare time in lockdown, I thought I'd better brush up on my augmented sixth chords for my grade 8 theory, and dust off the guitar grade 8 I prepped for but didn't get a chance to take during my A-levels... 10 years ago?! What?! Well, at least it'll be one less thing to worry about! I'm still cracking on with the drum LTCL, which I'll hopefully be sitting circa 2022. It's a pretty far cry from Ringo Starr! 

 Naturally, my schedule has been flipped on it's head twice by all of this, so I've got a few new slots open - drop me a message on the contact page if you're interested in lessons or performance, and we can get something going once everything opens back up properly!

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