Friday, 27 November 2020

Christmas Presents and Christmas Wishes!


    It's still November but I'm just about set up for Christmas! I'm currently offering discounted lessons and sessions via my gift cards - if you're buying someone an instrument for Christmas, giving them a 5 week starter course on top can make all the difference. If they're for an already a talented performer or composer struggling with writer's block after this wretched year, then we can get straight to work getting back on track to create some awesome stuff in the new year!

    I've been busy as hell through UK Lockdown 2, with lots of remote teaching and a few sessions to keep things interesting: some furtive Radio Eroticism recordings that I need to sift through, as well as laying down drums for a track by SiNic that should be getting released pretty soon! I've got a possible Christmas single to drum for in a week or so - I'm glad I invested in the extra recording gear as an early present for myself! If you're on the hunt for a session player, let me know via my Contact page and I'll book you in in the next 8 weeks!

    I was a featured vocalist on an electronic track "Gone" from UKS Records that'll hopefully get released pretty soon so I can tag a link in - I've been trying to up my singing chops for a while, so I've gotten involved with quite a few more vocal sessions recently. I'm pretty happy with my progress (I don't need quite as much autotune as on Gone...!), although some of recordings I'd probably best leave in the private collection unless someone really wants to hear my dodgy Sepultura covers. I'll probably get a few covers in at some point once my beloved Ibanez comes back from re-fretting with Nottingham Guitar Tech.

    We all know that this year's been bone-dry for gigs, but it's given me a solid chance to sit in the woodshed and get the practice hours in while watching old silent movies (any recommendations?), so I'm hoping that once rehearsals are able to restart in the new year, I'll have some more flash to show off in my playing. That said, I'm being heartily diverted by the 9-string guitar, and by picking up violin to boot. I'm always up for more challenges, although it'll probably be a while before my violin intonation is worth hearing. At least I got the Christmas decorations up ahead of schedule for remote teaching!

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